₹ 1,70,000

  1. Brand AgroTools
  2. Hole Width 12in, 18in, 24in, 36in
  3. Maximum Digging Depth 3 Ft. to 9 Ft.
  4. Shipping All Over India
  5. Minimum Order Quantity 1
  6. Model Number A003
  • Digs Holes Up to 36 inches in Diameter and 9 Feet Deep
  • Variety of Augers Sizes Available [12", 18", 24", 36"]
  • Made Of High-Quality Steel For Durability And Heavy-Duty Use
  • Heavy Gearbox Engineered For Durability And Smooth Operation

The Post Hole Digger Tractor Attachment is a powerful and versatile machine designed to streamline the process of digging holes for various purposes. Ideal for agricultural, construction, and landscaping tasks, this attachment effortlessly attaches to a tractor, saving both time and labor.